future perspectives modified animals critical machines

Dear reader/crawler

this website presents ten experiments/experiences: Using a performative approach, we researched, queered and deconstructed the normatives inherent in virtual reality.

Each exp_ includes an introduction followed by research questions. Development illustrates the research, design, implementation, iterations we faced. Try or catch is a programming keyword allowing the safe execution of a piece of code (try) that may cause errors, which can then be reacted to accordingly (catch). Here we describe which of our assumptions stood our volunteer's tests.

The conclusion is a post-experiment reflection – thoughts on the process and related topics, sometimes future ideas. While reading, you will find little flesh-colored diamonds next to words, which will direct you to the say what? section of this page, explaining some of the more uncommon terms. The resources section lists texts and references important to our work.

You can download future perspectives, modified animals, critical machines as a zine (pdf).


the internet restroom virtual installation


all is surface surface is common sense, desire is object


insect vision (VR installation) is a modulation for human eyes emulating a 360° vision


Item Vision lets human entities explore everyday-objects and environments in a curated setting


a synchrony mixed media installation


default safari defaults in visions


motion vision focusses on movement


GAZING FIGURES gaze changes movement


urban AR lab participative performance


nica heads are new heads for the Prix Ars Electronica