Mini Tools for Unity

While using the game engine Unity to create some of our projects, we sometimes run into situations where we need more than what's given by default. While the Assetstore offers lots of cool tools and toys to play with, most of them aren't free.
That's why we developed a few extensions by ourselves, some of them Open Source (free usage and source code) and some of them with paid Pro upgrades, if you want to support us (so we can put more time into developing games and projects).

You can find all our Unity assets here. Please feel free to try them out! :)


A small tool to create high resolution ingame screenshots of your project inside Unity.
You can set up multiple Cameras or Camera groups, select screenshot sizes (multiples of the Game Viewport resolution) and customize the file name. While in the Editor, click on the respective buttons in the inspector to take screenshots or use a hotkey.

Assetstore: Screenshot-Creator (free)


A To-Do-List for your Inspector!
Add and delete text items, manage their status (currently Default, Bug, Active, Finished) and add list titles.
You can sort the items manually or by status.

Assetstore: To-Do-List (free)

Ultimate Hierarchy

This tool we split up into a big, powerful and a simplified, free version.
Ultimate Hierarchy can have many uses. You can drag any GameObject into the Add new slot at the top of the Inspector to manage its Enabled / Disabled status and Update functions, edit Transform and script variable values and hide or mark them in the Hierarchy Window.
You can also control the GameObjects via several Overlays for both Game and Scene View.

The Lite version is reduced to GameObject editing.

Assetstore: Ultimate Hierarchy Lite (free)
Assetstore: Ultimate Hierarchy Pro