2016, july

Shiro at Bitsummit Indie Game Festival, Kyoto, Japan

To show Shiro at the Bitsummit Indie Game Festival at Miyako Messe in Kyoto was great: About 200 visitors played our game, some of them entirely, and we learned a lot about Shiro by just watching people interact with the interfaces and puzzles.

During daytime we were very busy with explanations and conversations and in the evening Bitsummit & the Kyoto indie community held well organized parties where we met interesting people connected to games and gained a better insight into game development in Japan. Other game makers gave us very helpful feedback plus some ideas on how to release Shiro. It was lovely to meet our Kyoto Indie Meetup-friends from last year again. We want to send out a special thanks to Johnson and Ori, with whom we shared a table, Somi, Julien & Marcelo. Hope we’ll meet again!

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2016, june

Magazine-Launch - Virtual Inheritance

Virtual Inheritance is the title of the second ACAD&C-Magazine. We were part of the editorial team (Andara Shastika, Jasper Meiners, Feben Amara, Isabel Paehr). The magazine was designed by Jan Mensen and Johannes Strüber. It was printed 200x.

Themes Virtual Inheritance covered were posthumanism, humanoid robots, VR, glitches, technology and society. The medialities were text, photography and comics. Our authors were upcoming and established artists.

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2016, may

tinypalace game & play space, Kassel

We co-organized a tiny game festival called tinypalace and were part of the tiny collective in Kassel, Germany. The tinypalace took place from May 19th to May 22nd and was a weekend filled with games, workshops, talks, nice food, music, a game jam, & new and old friends. You can check it out @tinytinypalace.

Speakers and workshopmakers were e. g. Tale of Tales, Darsha Hewitt, Nina Kiel but also first-time speakers like Anja Zeltner and Pixeldiskurs. You can find out about all speakers, workshops and games at the program.

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