2017, oct

Nica Heads @Less Adorno More Play Festival, Kunstverein Kassel

We’ve been part of the wonderful Less Adorno More Play group exhibition at Kunstverein Kassel organized by Hannes Drescher and Nicole Brauer. Themes were playful physicality and games. Our project Nica Heads is part of the series future perspectives, modified animals, critical machines and deals with the headless goddess Nike of Samothrace whose golden miniature is the award of the media art festival Ars Electronica. Since this award goes to men in 9/10 cases, we’ve decided that while not everyone can or wants to call themselves a man and win the prize, everyone can 3D print a head for Nike.

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2017, sep

urban AR lab @Stadttfinden Festival Glasfabrik Leipzig

From september 1st to 10th we’ve been to Stadttfinden Festival at Glasfabrik Leipzig. With Jörn Röder and Lennert Raesch we developed a project called urban AR lab that questions the configuration of our senses in relation to the city.

We took walks with citizens and made invisibilities like CO2, humidity and UV light approachable via an app for mobile VR devices. Another aspect of our concept was to actively search for networked infrastructures that are in part visible but mostly unseen. Together with locals and visitors we reconnected the last manifestations of internet access points using wool and stickers. A more detailed information will follow here, feel free to check out the project’s instagram: urbarn.de.

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2017, jul

SHI•RO and the internet restroom at Rundgang, Kassel

We showed SHI•RO and the internet restroom to the visitors of this year’s Rundgang - the annual exhibition of the School of Art and Design Kassel.

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2017, june

Unity Workshop 'Local Coop' @Department Software Development

We held a two-day workshop at Kassel University and were very surprised how fast the students developed first prototypes. The content was a mixture of learning about Unity’s interface, graphics, sounds, interactivity / physics and programming. Also we showed some games we consider interesting, prepared for some future-troubleshooting (e. g. ‘My script does not work - what can I do?’) and spoke about ideas. The best part was when we made everyone import animal sounds so a few minutes later you’d hear squeeking, roaring and laughing all over the room. Workshops are really something we’d love to do more!

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