2017, March

Cyborg Vision & our graduation project

We just started to work on our graduation project with the working title future perspectives, modified animals, critical machines. One of the first experiments we made is called Cyborg Vision.
With our uni's VR set, we implemented the view of a many-eyed being. When you enter our downloadable sketch you can see our test-room with twenty eyes, some of them looking forward, some around and some behind you. More about the project can be found on itch.io. We submitted Cyborg Vision to #ResistJam: Click to become a Cyborg.

2017, February

All is surface @Panke Gallery, Berlin

On February 4th to 5th, we exhibited our new work All is surface at Panke Gallery Berlin as part of the group show Make It Fit.

2017, February

Webcamera Obscura @Transmediale

At Transmediale we presented the Webcamera Obscura at the wonderful Additivism Cookbook Launch Panel held by Morehshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke and could luckily meet some of the other Additivists. During our brief presentation we talked about our perspective on surveillance: Instead of hiding in digital undergrounds we suggest that activists hold eye contact through their webcams and return a modified gaze.
All the .stl data for the Webcamera Obscura is online, so you can go and print your own! The Cookbook is downloadable and provides many radical recipies for your hungry 3D-printer.

2017, January

Developing SHIRO

Some thoughts on our workflow and the progress we made regarding UI, Design, Story and Sound of our puzzlegame SHIRO. Read it.

2016, December

Exhibition @xpon-art gallery Hamburg: The Internet Restroom

You can see our latest installation The Internet Restroom in Hamburg until 17/01/22. The Internet Restroom comes without the restrictions of non-virtual restrooms as it is not commercially exploited and does not reinforce gender norms. As with non-virtual restrooms, no ID is needed and as long as one occupies a cabin, no one else can enter it. Enter: internet-restroom.net

2016, November

Mini Tools for Unity

While using the game engine Unity to create some of our projects, we sometimes run into situations where we need more than what's given by default. While the Assetstore offers lots of cool tools and toys to play with, most of them aren't free.
That's why we developed a few extensions by ourselves. You can find out more about them here.

2016, October

Ultimate Hierarchy Pro for Unity3D is out

We just released a new tool! Ultimate Hierarchy Pro is a Unity Extension to manage scenes and to test different setups. When using it, switching between lighting setups, prototypes, level layouts, or script behaviours becomes more convenient. It's available at the Asset Store as Ultimate Hierarchy Pro and Ultimate Hierarchy Lite and we've uploaded a full documentation. We hope it is useful to you!

2016, September

SHIRO @BitSummit & Research in Japan Article is online

Our game SHIRO and we have been in Japan this summer. Our experiences at BitSummit, Kyotos Indie Game Festival, what we've learned and where we've traveled to research for SHIRO are now online and you can check them out here.

2016, August

Unity3d Materials released

We recently released a few materials for Unity3d whose original photographs we took in Japan. They are seamlessly tileable, of high quality, PBR / for Unitys Standart Shader and suitable for outdoor settings in general, while some are very typical for traditional Japanese environments. Materials are available on the Unity3d AssetStore. More materials will follow :).

2016, July

Traveling Japan

Since our new game Shiro is based on Japanese design and thinking, we are traveling Japan for 3 weeks. Starting in Kyoto, we spent 1 1/2 weeks finishing version 18 of our prototype, visited our exchange university Kyoto Seika and showed Shiro at Japans biggest Indie Game Festival Bitsummit. The Kyoto shrines Fushimi Inari, Shimogamo, Yoshida, Yasui jinja, Yasaka Koushindo and Nanzen Oku-no-in were interesting to visit and to sketch from for the narrative parts of Shiros green world. We were especially pleased to find some yashiro at Shimogamo. These yashiro were empty spaces created by sticking four sticks into the ground and binding a rope around, so the kami-sama, Japanese spirits or gods, could decide to stay there.

After visiting Nagasaki for the last three days, we are currently on the Shinkansen bound for Nagoya, from where we will visit the Ise-Shrine in Ise, Yokohama, and Nagoya itself. Next week, we'll be in Kobe and Osaka, and then fly back to Germany. A more detailed travel/research-report will follow!

2016, July

Impressions from Bitsummit

To show Shiro at the Bitsummit Indie Game Festival at Miyako Messe in Kyoto was great: About 200 visitors played our game, some of them entirely, and we learned a lot about Shiro by just watching people interact with the interfaces and puzzles. During daytime we were very busy with explanations and conversations, so we were not able to play many other games, but in the evening Bitsummit & the Kyoto indie community held well organized parties where we met interesting people connected to games and gained a better insight into game development in Japan. Other game makers gave us very helpful feedback plus some ideas on how to release Shiro. It was lovely to meet our Kyoto Indie Meetup-friends from last year again. We want to send out a special thanks to Johnson and Ori, with whom we shared a table, Somi, Julien & Marcelo. Hope we'll meet again!

2016, June

Shiro at Bitsummit Indie Game Festival

We're excited to announce that Shiro will be part of Bitsummits MEGABOOTH area. The indie festival takes place July 9-10th in our favorite city: Kyoto. You can check out their program and previews of all the games on their website. Our table is going to be 16-a, so come by, say Hi and play with us.

2016, May

New project: Webcamera Obscura

Today's activists typically counter surveillance through encryption, anonymous attacks and by completely erasing the image of the self from digital spaces. But your webcam is yours - if you turn it into an #Additivism #webcamObscura

2016, May

tinypalace game & play space

Recently, we co-organized a tiny game festival as part of the tiny collective in Kassel, Germany. The tinypalace took place from May 19th to May 22nd and was a weekend filled with games, workshops, talks, nice food, music, a game jam, & new and old friends. You can check it out @tinytinypalace.

2016, March

Release of the publication 19,7 x 14,1

On time with the annual book fair in Leipzig, Isabel released her printed publication 'how to become a machine'. It consists of 28 pages of contemporary and futuristic topics regarding robots, human-machine-relations and (user-)co-determination.
Images and texts are not set to be superiors to each other, as the interfaces reflect connections between human and machine.

how to become a machine is released bundled with the publications 'Objects are closer than they appear' by Freya Chakour and 'Position 1' by Ida Lorbach. The three zines are connected by their physical format of 19.7 x 14.1 cm, which is used differently by the three artists.